WMCTPHLM Pledge Program

 Wilbert M. Curtis Texas Prince Hall Library Museum Pledge Program

WMCTPHLM Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pledge Program: A program which seeks 300 members from the public to voluntarily pledge $50,000 to support the operations, maintenance and enhancements of the Library Museum. The following pledge amounts would be limited to the first 100 individuals or organizations to sign up for each of the following levels:

GoldGold: $250 x 100     = $25,000

Silver Silver: $150 x 100    = $15.000

BronzeBronze: $100 x 100 = $10,000
                            Total : $50,000

The 300 members who successfully pay their pledges will have their names, to include the Organization they wish to represent, on a nameplate* which will be attached to a plaque representing the level they pledged for. The three plaques are to be permanently displayed in the Library Museum and receive a Library Museum lapel pin.

To pledge, contact Bro. Burrell Parmer, (210) 863-1118 or Benny Tucker (817) 819-4720, email: captparmer@hotmail.com or info@wmctphlm.com. All payments will be made by check, money order or PayPal. Checks and money orders will be made out to the Prince Hall Charitable Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and, therefore, contributions are tax deductible to individuals, companies and organizations who make their check payable to the Foundation and mailed to Library Museum Committee, 3433 Martin Luther King Frwy, Fort Worth, TX 76119. For PayPal users, go to www.paypal.com, address to send payment: info@wmctphlm.com. Ensure you use send to friends and family option and annotate “Library Museum Pledge Program”.

The Library Museum Committee will be responsible executing the program and maintaining the rosters of individuals who pledge their support.

The pledge roster caps out at 100 members each for the three pledge levels. A stand-by roster will be established once a level is at capacity in case circumstances arise where a member cannot fulfill the pledge. No pledges will be refunded.

(*) After full pledge is received, Nameplates will be created and attached to the appropriate plaques during one of two times per year.