Charity in The Community

The Prince Hall Charitable Foundation is sponsoring an opportunity for Districts and Lodges to nominate charitable activities and organizations from your local community for a charitable donation from the Charitable Foundation.

  • The maximum amount of funds distributed will be $5,000.
  • Donations to any one entity or activity will not exceed $500
  • Ten distributions will be available.
  • Districts or Lodges can only nominate one entity or activity for distribution.


The purpose of the Charity In The Community Program is to:

  1. Make charitable donations throughout the State of Texas
  2. Make more communities aware of the Prince Hall Charitable Foundation and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge
  3. To create partnerships with other charitable entities

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations for charitable distributions will be received from August 1 – 31, 2016
  2. Nominations must be in writing.
  3. Nominations must be submitted by email to Willie High Coleman, Jr. at
  4. The Charitable Foundation Board will serve as the selection committee
  5. The selection committee will consider the request for donation and pick the winners.
  6. Winners will be announced at the Mid- Winter Session in November.
  7. The interpretation of the rules of this program are solely within the discretion of the Selection Committee and the decisions of the selection committee are final.

Criteria for Selection to Be Included in the Submission

  1. Identify the charitable activity or organization.
  2. Describe the work that the organization has done in the past or the benefit that the organization or activity will make to the community.
  3. State how the local community will be benefited by the distribution.
  4. State how the presence of the Prince Hall Charitable Foundation will be increased in the community.
  5. State how the donation will foster a long term relationship between the District or Lodge and the charitable organization.
  6. State how the donation will be published in the community.
  7. State why the Charitable Foundation should pick this organization for a donation.