Programs We Support

J.T. Maxey Scholarship Program

The Foundation’s longest serving arm is the Scholarship Program, named after John T. Maxey, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Every year, many high school seniors from across the state compete to receive scholarship funds toward undergraduate study at an accredited college or university of their choice in the United States.

To participate in the annual J.T. Maxey Scholarship Program, potential scholarship recipients participate in local creative writing contests across the state. The winner of each of those advances to the state level contest where they engage in a variety of academic challenges that test their cognitive skills, creativity, and verbal reasoning. The Program has a long and rich history, dating back to the early 1960’s, of helping students achieve their post-secondary educational goals and objectives.

The J.T. Maxey Scholarship Program is one of many programs that demonstrates the Grand Lodge’s commitment to youth and education, and developing new generations as they prepare to enter the

Wilbert M. Curtis Texas Prince Hall Library Museum

Dedicated on June 25, 2011 the Wilbert M. Curtis Texas Prince Hall Library Museum serves as the final repository for the historical records of the Grand Lodge, and as an archival repository for historical materials docu¬menting the history of the selective Texas Prince Hall Masons achievements. These are related to: 1) the cultural history (to include the political, social, economic, religious, histories, etc.) within the state and jurisdiction under authority of the MWPHGL of Texas, 2) The activities and services rendered by the Local Lodges to their respective communities, and 3) the general interests, activities and services rendered to the state of Texas the Jurisdictions under the au¬thority of the MWPHGL of Texas by its Appendant & Concordant bodies.

Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Each year the Prince Hall Charitable Foundation participates in an annually toy drive that is help at the Grand Masonic Temple in Fort Worth, Texas. This program has donated over $25,000 worth of toys to de-serving youth across the state. Although the toys are distributed in Fort Worth ar¬ea, there are still family members that travel from other cities just to be a part of the Christmas toy drive program.

Robert E. Connor Jr. Youth Camp

This youth camp is named after the late Past Grand Master of Texas Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas, Robert E. Connor Jr., who also served as the Police Chief for the City of Columbus, TX. This annual youth camp was originated in July 2000 by PGM Robert E. Connor, Jr. and is for boys between the ages of eight (8) and seventeen (17) and is fully staffed by Prince Hall Masons. The camp is usually held at Cathedral Oaks Retreat Center located 10 miles south of Weimar, Texas. The youth have an opportunity to fish, play basketball, football, softball, go swimming and meet new friends. Two hallmarks of the camp are mentoring opportunities and leadership development workshops. This program has served over 1000 boys who have arrived from various cities across the state to attend this annual youth camp.

Thomas H. Routt KOP

This Texas youth organization is for boys between the ages of nine (9) through twenty (20) . It was named after the late Past Grand Master of Texas Prince Hall Masons, Thomas H. Routt who also served as a Judge in the City of Houston. There are youth councils all across the state and annually there is a youth leadership conference held each year on a college or university campus in Texas. The program involves community service projects, workshops, sports/debate/ oratorical competitions and youth business meetings where the young men vote and elect their officers. This organization focuses on training the next generation of leaders and since May of 1999 this program has served over 1500 boys.