The Most Venerable Thomas H. Routt Grand Council, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras

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The Texas KOP program, which began in May of 1999, provides a partnership between Prince Hall Master Masons, our youth, their parents and the community. This Texas youth organization is for boys and young men between the ages of nine (9) and twenty (20) and focuses on training them in the areas of leadership, responsibility, and brotherhood.

Under the sponsorship and personal supervision of Prince Hall Masons, the KOP provides the youth with a beneficial way to use their spare time, meet worthwhile companions, and participate in wholesome educational environments. The overriding aim of the Texas KOP is to interest and aid youths in their all-around personal development and to provide the tools that they will need as they prepare to become the next generation of leaders. Each year since 2005 the KOP has hosted a youth leadership conference at various colleges and universities in Texas.

This is what Texas KOP is all about.

Click here to go to the KOP website

Click here to go to the KOP website